Le Jardin d'Hiver

The Campaign

The Campaign

This first campaign is inspired by the song "Le Jardin d’Hiver" by Henri Salvador.

A timeless and beautiful song, which happens to be the favorite song of LOTHA’s founder.

"Le Jardin d'Hiver" mesmerizes through its melancholic poetry, its mystery and its joyful quietude. 

This very personal inspiration is interpreted in this campaign by the play of lights, the colors, as well as by the softness and playfulness that emanates from it.

With "Le Jardin d'Hiver", LOTHA welcomes you in a beautiful garden and invites you to let yourself be charmed by the singularity of its universe.

Introducing Kolota

Kolota means dreaming in Lingala, the founder's native language. 

This handbag is the very first design of LOTHA and symbolizes the achievement of a dream come true. 

With its curved volume, vibrant colors and original visual signature, Kolota is the perfect handbag for those who wishes to let their uniqueness shine.